Fees and Charges                          

It's free to borrow most items. This page explains fees and charges for borrowing, overdue items and other library services.

Rental Charges                          

Children's items free of charge  
Young Adult's items free of charge  
Adult Fiction & Non-fiction (older than 2 years) free of charge  
New Adult Fiction & Non-fiction * $1.50 for 3 weeks
New Large Print * $1.50 for 3 weeks
Magazines 50c for 2 weeks
DVDs $4.00 for 2 weeks

* new items are items less than two years old

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Overdue Charges                          


Child and YA Collections

Adult Collections

Charge per item

Items issued after 1 July 2021 incur no charges

30c per day

Maximum charge per item



You can renew overdue items provided they are not reserved.

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Interloan Charges                          

Interloan charges apply when you borrow items from other libraries. Some libraries charge a higher fee for this service than others.

Standard charge (Reciprocal libraries)


Standard charge for child members (Reciprocal libraries)

free of charge

Non-reciprocal libraries


Non-reciprocal libraries for child members

fee as charged by the lending library

Standard urgent fee


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These charges relate to printing from our public internet computers.

Black and white  
A4 20c
A4 double-sided 40c
A4 $2.00
A4 double-sided


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Black and white  
A4 20c
A4 double-sided 40c
A3 40c
A3 double-sided 80c
A4 $2.00
A4 double-sided $4.00
A3 $2.00
A3 double-sided $4.00


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Other Charges                                          

Lost or damaged items Replacement cost + $8.00 admin fee
Holds within Tasman District Library $2.00
Holiday Membership $10 per month
Replacement membership card $3.00

Paying Charges online         

You can pay library charges via internet backing through the Tasman District Council.  For details on how to make payments via internet banking visit the Tasman District Council website.

Please note that it may take a couple of days for the payment to clear and for us to update your library account.


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