Mystery & Detective series

Secret codes, disguise and intrigue - you won't be able to put these down!


The Friday Barnes Series

by R A Spratt

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was an eleven year old girl!

Follow Friday Barnes as she sets out to solve a series of mysteries.


Withering by the Sea

by Judith Rossell

A Victorian adventure, perfect for fans of Wildwood and Lemony Snicket, following eleven year old orphan, Stella Montgomery.



The Billionaire Series

by Richard Newsome 

Gerald Wilkins has just become the richest thirteen-year-old on the planet, inheriting $30 billion. His great aunt also left him a mystery; and a host of villains who are intent on hunting him down.



The Famous Five

by Enid Blyton 

Follow the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog.



The Alice-Miranda Series

by Jacqueline Harvey

This bestselling series follows the fortunes of Alice-Miranda, a perpetually positive and determined young girl who becomes involved in a series of adventures at school, and all over the world.


Hardy Boys

by Franklin Dixon

The daring detective adventures of brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy!


The Bowser and Birdie series

by Spencer Quinn

Bowser the dog, along with his owner Birdie set out to solve some exciting mysteries.

The Ottoline series

by Chris Riddell

Meet Miss Ottoline Brown, an exceptionally inquisitive Mistress of Disguise, and her partner in crime, Mr. Munroe. No puzzle is ever too tricky for the two of them to solve.


Kensy and Max

by Jacqueline Harvey

Their parents are missing and things can never go back to the way they were, but the twins are determined to uncover the truth!


The Frankie Potts series

by Juliet Jacka

Meet Frankie Potts, the village of Tring's number one girl detective. She has flaming red hair, a questioning mind and an addiction to gobstoppers. And she is REALLY good at solving mysteries!


The Marsh Road Mysteries

by Elen Caldecott

A fantastic series filled with friendship, adventure and mystery!

Meet Piotr, Minnie, Andrew, Flora and Sylvia – true friends and even better mystery-solvers!



The Guggenheim Mystery

by Robin Stevens

The follow up to Siobhan Dowd's The London Eye Mystery, The Guggenheim Mystery is the story of Ted Sparks (he’s 12 years and 281 days old, with seven friends) and the most unusual theft of a painting.


The Timmy Failure Series

by Stephan Pastis

Timmy Failure, the founder, president, and CEO of the best detective agency in town, probably the nation.