Local History Books

Popular books on local history available from your local library.


Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka : a History of the Maori of Nelson and Marlborough

by Maui John and Hilary Mitchell

A richly illustrated history of Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka a Māui ( the Top of the South Island). From creation stories, to Polynesian migration to European contact. read more

Nelson : A Regional History

by Jim McAloon.

This book covers the history of Nelson from European settlement, through periods of growth and change in society, government and industry to the end of the 20th century. read more

Back Then – Threads from Motueka’s Past

by Ian Munro, Researched by Motueka High School Students

Back Then…is a collection of stories on the history of the Motueka area. It features short articles on the major industries, organisations and events in Motueka’s past. read more

Just Another Row of Spuds : A Pioneer History of Waimea South

by Marion Stringer

A popular history of the Waimea South area (Wakefield, Brightwater, Wai-iti, Spring Grove and surrounds). This book contains detailed information on many of the local businesses, schools and churches on the Waimea Plains. read more

How Richmond Grew

by Jean S. Sutton

A history of Richmond, its people and development. This book covers the period from the beginnings of the settlement until 1989 when the Richmond Borough Council was dissolved read more

Difficult Country : An Informal History of Murchison

by Margaret C. Brown

The history of the Murchison area, including the isolation of its pioneers, the hardship of the gold rush, and the horror of the 1929 earthquake. read more

Golden Bay : One Hundred Years of Local Government

by J. N. W. Newport

Covering more than just local government, this book tells the story of the development of Golden Bay, the road over the Takaka Hill and the growth of industry from 1876 to 1976. read more

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