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Contains a huge range of dictionaries, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press, including dictionaries, word-finding tools, quotations, encyclopedias and subject companions.

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  • Want to know what the meaning of a French, Spanish or Welsh word is? Try the Oxford’s Bilingual dictionaries
  • Use the Dictionary of Art and Artists to find definitions and biographies of artists and art movements


Subjects covered include:

  • Art and Architecture;
  • Biological Sciences;
  • Computing;
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences;
  • Economics and Business;
  • Food & Drink;
  • History;
  • Literature;
  • Medicine;
  • Mythology & Folklore;
  • Names & Places;
  • Natural History;
  • Performing Arts;
  • Politics & Social Sciences;
  • Prehistory;
  • Religion & Philosophy;
  • Science and Mathematics.

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