If you like movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, check out these nailbiters in our DVD collection.

 hollington small 

Hollington Drive (2022)

Rating: M


"Hollington Drive focuses on the lives of two sisters, Theresa and Helen. Theresa was living a blissful middle-class existence until a local mother turns up on her doorstep with news that her son is missing. This missing boy was friendly with Theresa's children and his disappearance makes Theresa question their recent strange behaviour. Could they somehow be involved with the disappearance? And how far will Theresa go to help them cover up their mistakes?" Container

 nitram small

Nitram (2022)

Rating: M


Based on true events, Nitram lives with his parents in suburban Australia in the mid-90s. He lives a life of isolation and frustration at never fitting in. As his anger grows, he begins a slow descent into a nightmare that culminates in the most heinous of acts.

 wildland small

Wildland (2022)

Rating: M

Language: Danish with English subtitles

Following a car accident, which kills her mother, seventeen-year-old Ida moves in with her estranged aunt and her aunt's grown sons. The home is filled with physical tenderness and love, but outside of the home, the family leads a violent and criminal life. When an unforeseen murder pressures the family and their loyalty to each other, tension builds as love and violence become impossible to separate. Ida is faced with the same question her mother faced before her: What are you willing to sacrifice for your family?

 the dry small

The Dry (2021)

Rating: M


Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke, who allegedly killed his wife and child before taking his own life. When Falk agrees to stay and investigate the crime, he stirs up an old wound - the death of Ellie Deacon. Falk begins to suspect these two crimes, separated by decades, are connected. He finds himself pitted against the prejudice towards him and the pent-up rage of a terrified community. Based on the novel by Jane Harper.

 smother small

Smother (2021)

Rating: M


"Set on the wild west coast of Ireland, in the aftermath of her husband's tragic death, Val Ahern investigates what might have happened in the hours after he caused chaos at her birthday party. Could one of her own family have been driven to murder?" Container