Natural History Documentaries

From vast deserts to the depths of the oceans, these documentaries take you to new worlds.


Humpbacks: From Fire To Ice

by ABC

This whale calf has been in constant danger from the moment she was born. This is the story of the first year of her life. read more


Journeys Across Latitude 45 South


Peter Hayden introduces this timeless series, and reflects on the changes to the land and the people, since he filmed this ambitious journey across New Zealand. read more


March of the Penguins

by Luc Jacquet

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, follow the trials and tribulations as penguins battle the elements to find true love. read more


Ocean Giants

by BBC

Spectacular three-part ocean series focused on the secret lives of whales and dolphins, as captured by some award-winning underwater cinematography. Narrated by Stephen Fry. read more


Planet Earth

by BBC

Using the latest aerial surveillance, state-of-the art cameras and high definition film, Planet Earth explores places and animal behaviour that few have seen. read more


Wild Australasia

by BBC

Discover the natural wonders of Australia and its closest islands. read more


Wild China

by BBC

Mesmerising travel doco series that takes you on a splendid wander through the often veiled and overlooked countryside of China. Narrated by Bernard Hill. read more


Wild South


The first in a series of programmes, Wild South explores the South Island's unique flora and fauna. read more