Spy Thrillers

From Bond to Smiley, and with the Cold War and industrial espionage thrown in - these writers shine a light into the dark world of spies and espionage.

Alex Dryden

Spy thrillers with the focus on Putin-era Russia. Central character is former KGB colonel Anna Resnikov. Paints a chillingly real world of intrigue, double-crosses and big money.

Ian Fleming

Creator of Bond - James Bond, the iconic MI6 spy whose adventures continue on through movie adaptations.

Alan Furst

US author of historical spy thrillers set in the period just before World War II. Noted for his successful evocations of Eastern Europe peoples and places during the period from 1933 to 1944.

David Ignatius

An extensive knowledge of US foreign affairs and intelligence operations brings realism and weight to his novels. His first novel was at one point described by the CIA on its website as "a novel but not fiction."

John Le Carre

Master of the genre. His Smiley novels are classics and based on his own work in MI5 and MI6. Lots of intrigue and intelligent plots that are scarily real.

Christopher Reich

Fast-paced, turbo-charged storylines pull the reader in. Characters are engaging and plausible. Real page-turners.

Stella Rimington

Former Director-General of MI5 and part of the "insider" trend in spy fiction. The central character is Liz Carlyle, an agent in an MI6 joint counter-terrorism unit.

Daniel Silva

Creator of globe-trotting Mossad agent and ace art restorer Gabriel Allon. Spy thrillers with a dash of fun thrown in.

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