Action, suspense, tension, excitement - if this is what you enjoy, you're in the right place. Find new authors or re-visit old favourites.

Action Thrillers

Thrilling, daring feats, fast-paced plots and larger-than-life characters - that's the action thriller.

Legal Thrillers

Crusading lawyers risking all in their pursuit of truth and justice take centre stage in the legal thriller.

Political Thrillers

Political power struggles, plots and counter-plots, high levels of intrigue and backstabbing - the stuff political and paranoid thrillers are made of.

Psychological Thrillers

Thrillers where the action messes with the character's mind - and sometimes the reader's mind as well!

Spy Thrillers

Spies and espionage, cloak and dagger, plots that twist, turn and twist no one