Three Languages Poetry

Monday 28 February 2022

21 March is World Poetry Day! Let’s celebrate poetry, and the three official languages of New Zealand, with a fun poetry competition. 

Everyone’s a winner in this competition! The prize for all poems which meet the criteria will be publication on our website and/or social media channels. Poems may also be printed in local print media. 

And the criteria is: 

> Your poem should include all five of the following five words: whenua (land), whānau (family), maunga (mountain), awa (river), moana (sea). 

> You can write your poem in te reo Māori, English, send in a video of yourself reciting your poem in sign language – or use a combination of the three languages! 

> Your poem should be no longer than 50 words. 

> Your poem should be an original poem, written by you. 
> Poems can be submitted by anyone, of any age. 

> You can submit as many poems as you like. 

> Your poem does not need to rhyme. 

> Poems should be submitted by Thursday 31 March, 2022. 

> To submit your poem, either email it to, drop it off at Murchison, Tākaka or Richmond Library, or post it to Three Languages Poetry Comp, Richmond Library, 280 Queen St, Richmond. 

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