The Pop-Up Library is on the road

Thursday 15 April 2021

The new Pop-Up Library has been out and about, taking the library to the people across the Tasman District. It's visited The Langford Store in Bainham, the Big Tiny House Expo in Motueka, and will soon be visiting Bloom Café in Motueka and the Murchison Recreation Centre.

Langford Store 2021 PopUP Library

The Pop-Up Library at The Langford Store

The Pop-Up Library is run by the library's Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist Lucy Carver. It offers many of the services available at library branches, such as new library memberships, books and magazines to borrow, and you can even get help using the free library e-Resources. 

POPUP Library 2021

Lucy says "people are really enjoying engaging with the library in such a versatile way'". 

Keep an eye out for Lucy and the Pop-Up Library, coming soon to a place or event near you. 


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