Summer Reading Programme Almost Here

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Not long to go now - Tasman District Libraries' popular summer reading programme for the District’s five to 12-year-olds is almost here.


This year's theme is the Great Book Mystery. Spies, detectives, hidden treasures and other mysterious stories are waiting for you at your library.

Apply Online

Enrolment applications will be accepted online via the library website from 9.30am on Monday 10 December.

If you want to register but don't have internet access at your place, head into your local library. 

"We've reserved a number of our free internet computers at each of our libraries especially for Summer Reading Programme applications," says Children's Librarian Lucy Brunwin.

"You don't need to book ahead - just turn up and there'll be a computer ready for you to register."

Check-ins start from the week of 17 December. There are no check-ins between Christmas and New Year or on Saturdays.

Happy reading!

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