Prestigious Science Book Prize Shortlist Announced

Friday 4 October 2013

The shortlist for the Royal Society's 2013 Winton Prize for science books has now been announced. The prize celebrates outstanding popular science books from around the world.

The shortlisted books cover fascinating and diverse topics. From how birds think, to cells and civilisations, how memories are made to the history of the sea and particles at the end of the universe.

This year the prize takes on even greater significance.

The prize money has increased from £10,000 (NZ$19,000) to £25,000 (NZ$48,000).

The Guardian quotes Professor Frith, chair of this year's panel of judges as saying, "We hope that this will raise the profile of the prize and of science books in the publishing world and in the eyes of the public."

David Harding, Winton's Founder and President, adds, "We think that the evolution of science and technology is the most exciting story on the planet and deserves to have more people reading and writing about it than presently do so."

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