New Library Love

Monday 2 May 2022

It's not only the Motueka community that is loving the new Motueka Library - Te Noninga Kumu.

Motueka Library Manager Janine Gillions says, "Our staff are thoroughly enjoying the new Te Noninga Kumu Motueka Library too. The location framed by mature trees, the space and lighting, the relaxing colour scheme, the different types of seating, the meeting rooms, the study spaces, new technologies and the art work are all aspects which are defining our new library.

The team is getting acquainted with working in this new environment. The increase in library membership, book issues and general interest in Te Noninga is astounding and we welcome all of it. We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the new library every day, including some emotional responses. People tell us things like, 'The new library is wonderful, and well worth waiting for' ... which makes us very happy.

We look forward to assisting our customers find great books to satisfy their reading needs and discover events, promotions and groups to enrich their library experiences."

If you haven't visited the new Motueka Library - Te Noninga Kumu yet, put it at the top of your bucket list.

Te Noninga KumuSm