Feeling the Blues? Change Your Mood with an Uplifting Read

Monday 13 May 2013

Ever heard the term, "Books on Prescription?" A good read is now being recognised as potentially helpful in altering our mood.

In the UK, libraries and "medical worlds have joined for an initiative to help treat those with mild to moderate mental health problems." Nick Clark - The Indpendent. 

Along with other treatments such as medication, diet and exercise, doctors are literally prescribing book lists and library memberships.

And it's not just self-help books.  Losing yourself in a good novel is a great way to help you relax, get a new perspective on life, or just have a good laugh.

So, if the onset of winter has you feeling a little down in the dumps, check out the list below for a mood altering read, and make a trip to your local library.

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