Form in Formation at Richmond Library

Monday 30 September 2019

Form and Formation is a large outdoor public sculpture on the lawn in front of Richmond Library. Auckland based artist Seung Yul Oh was inspired by the physical site and its location beside Richmond Library. The work represents the growth and expansion of abstract thoughts and ideas.

Oh was born in South Korea in 1981 but moved to New Zealand at 15 and finished his secondary schooling in Auckland going on to complete an MFA at Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Arts.
Other sculptural works of Seung Yul Oh can be found across New Zealand.

Tasman District Council provided seed money of $16,000 for this project and the Nelson Sculpture Trust raised $98,000 with all this hard work resulting in a fun eye-catching piece for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

Next time you’re at Richmond Library, take a moment to have a closer look, or pause and have a seat.

You can read more about the sculpture and artist here or come in to the library and ask if you’d like to find more information.

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