Vehicle problems? Try these free e-Resources

Monday 3 February 2020

If your summer holiday road trip ended with your car or motorbike needing a little TLC, your library card can help. Tasman District Libraries subscribe to two vehicle related e-Resources that you can use from home for free with your library card. 

Haynes Manuals AllAccess is the online version of the popular Haynes DIY repair manuals. Haynes covers regular maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting for cars and motorcycles, including repairing air-conditioning problems in cars. 

If your car of motorcycle is getting past the repair stage and you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, then (Previously known as The Dog & Lemon Guide) is worth a look. lists the reliability, safety and value of common makes and models of cars in the New Zealand market. 

You need your library card and library pin number to use these e-Resources. For you’ll also need to create a login with a username and password.

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