Books on Order

Friday 2 October 2020

Why is that book still on order?

There have been lots of changes to the publishing world since the beginning of 2020.  

A number of titles with publication dates targeting the northern summer, Father's Day and Mother's Day were delayed during various overseas lockdowns.  Most were rescheduled for the Christmas market, some were abandoned completely. 

Tasman District Library orders titles up to 3 months pre-publication from publishers around the world.  Our New Zealand and Australian titles are mostly printed in Australia.  With titles being reinstated Australian printers are at over capacity and this means our Oct/Nov (Christmas market) titles are delayed at the printers.  The roll-on impact is that these books will miss their flight/boat.  

AND Christmas is coming...  so there is heavy freight traffic leaving Australian ports and arriving in NZ ports resulting in delays unloading containers, Melbourne Port has too much freight and not enough ships and Sydney Port is experiencing strike action.  So all shipments from Australia are behind schedule and this is expected to remain the case up to Christmas.

But don't panic - the library is working with our suppliers and local bookshops to ensure we have lots of lovely summer reading ready for you.