Books for Babies Sponsorship Announced

Thursday 20 June 2013

Tasman District Libraries is thrilled to announce renewed sponsorship for the Books for Babies project. Children and Young Adults Librarian Lucy Brunwin says the project started in 2003 and has had a variety of funders over the years. 

"Now, thanks to the generosity of The Canterbury Community Trust, we are able to continue it,"  she said.

The funding provided by the trust will pay for 400 board books to be shared between Tasman District Libraries and Motueka and Takaka hospitals.

 All babies enrolled before their first birthday receive their own Books for Babies board book to keep.

"We want all newborn babies in the district to start life with the gift of a book," Lucy said, adding that it was never too early to start the "adventure of reading".

"Reading to newborns helps strengthen the bonds between babies and their parents. It can also help in the development of eye focus, the acquisition of language and in later literacy development."

Golden Bay midwife Pamela Goffriller says "black and white first focus baby books ... never fail to amaze mums, dads and grandparents how responsive their baby is and how much they love to look at the pictures."

The library has a wealth of resources for parents and children including a fantastic range of sturdy board books, music CDs to soothe or stimulate, nursery rhymes and much more.

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