Victorian Mourning Display

Tuesday 15 September 2015

An exhibition of Victorian mourning memorabilia is currently on show in the glass display cabinets at Richmond Library.

The collection, curated by the Nelson Antique Bottle and Collectibles Club, has an extraordinary array of artefacts. Most of the objects date from the 1880s and relate to the strict social norms governing mourning at that time.

The display includes bracelets which were woven and braided from the hair of deceased loved ones.

Jill, of the Nelson Antique Bottle and Collectibles Club, says, "It’s interesting how the way people mourn changes over time. It was normal in the 1880s to wear jewellery made from the hair of a dead family member, but people would think it strange if you did that today."

The display will be in the glass cabinets in Richmond Library until early October.

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