Start a Family Tradition - Read Aloud

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Read aloud to your child, starting tonight! Apart from the fun for all involved, there are so many reasons to read aloud to your children. These are worth remembering today and always.

1. It's an irreplaceable bonding experience.

It forces parents to slow down, put down their phones and focus all their attention on doing something with the child.

2. It introduces them to the best authors and most famous stories.

Children need guidance when it comes to reading. Introduce traditional stories, funny tales, quirky facts and famous children's authors.

3. Reading aloud pushes kid's literary limits.

Often young readers skim over sections in books they do not understand but when read by an adult it helps the child become comfortable with more complex vocabulary and sentence structure.

4. It's a counterpoint to screen mania.

It is crucial to show children there are other ways to entertain oneself. Reading aloud opens worlds of imagination. Books allow for slower character development and thus greater suspense.

5. It calms them down.

It's a perfect cure for overtired, rambunctious, behaviour. It prepares them for a nights sleep. It is enjoyable for all.