Richmond’s Romantic Poetry Competition Winners

Friday 3 March 2017

Throughout February Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries held their inaugural Romantic Poetry Competition.


Dozens of wonderful poems were entered from all over Tasman, and one was entered from the United Kingdom.


Each of the three libraries chose a winner in the four categories: best love poem about a pet, best love poem about a political figure, most romantic poem and best love poem about your library.


Richmond Library’s winners were:


Most Romantic Poem: These I Love by Carol Don Ercolano


Far-flung spray on a windy beach

low-hung stars just out of reach

new moons caught in the blue-gum tree

twilight walks ... and you and me


Pansy faces with trusting looks

the feel and smell of brand new books

mad-cap tui in the kowhai tree

fire-lit rugs ... and you and me


Dreaming clouds on a wedgewood sky

snow-touched mountains reaching high

lazy swims in a summer sea

sun-warmed sand ... and you and me


Soft-sprung moss on the forest floor

lightning's flash and thunder's roar

rare white herons flying free

hazy rain ... and you and me


Best Love Poem About a Political Figure: By Trevor Walton


Hootchie coo and coochie pie

I know our love is pie-in-sky

You're stuck behind a foreign border

To maintain the country's social order

Barred by walls of great dimension

Fomenting growing sexual tension


There is a chance, technology

Will let us consummate - in virtual reality

But alas, we may not sustain our passion

Knowing spooks will watch our heated thrashings

Getting off behind their screens

While we wilt and dry - you get the scene


My only hope is that this frustration

Will be shared by lovers across the nations

United in a giant pelvic thrust

They grind DT to cosmic dust

Opening borders and crumbling walls

Bringing peace and love to all


Best Love Poem About a Library: Possibilities by Moira Siobhan


Sometimes the world's a rainbow,

a kaleidoscope of shades.

Sometimes it's a sea of mystery

into which we wade.


There are heroes and adventurers,

villains most depraved.

Gorgeous girls and handsome men,

damsels who are saved.


Historical information,

How to recipes and more ...

Stacks and stacks of choices,

exciting tales galore!


It is often very difficult,

wandering the aisles,

to make a quick decision,

it often takes a while.


Some stories are of love and trust,

some are even scary.

So many different story lines,

It's why I love my library!


Best Love Poem About a Pet: By Maxine Leaning


Dee Dee

see see

buried under

plum tree

Her space

face place

rest in peace



Thank you to everyone who entered our poetry competition.