Takaka's Romantic Poetry Competition Winners

Monday 13 March 2017

Throughout February Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries held their inaugural Romantic Poetry Competition.

Dozens of wonderful poems were entered from all over Tasman, and one was entered from the United Kingdom.

Each of the three libraries chose a winner in the four categories: best love poem about a pet, best love poem about a political figure, most romantic poem and best love poem about your library.

Takaka Library's winners are:

Most Romantic Poem: Farewell to the Pilots by Mary Taylor

We wish you wouldn't beach yourselves
Along our pristine coastal shelves.
We want to save you all.
We want you all to swim and smile
Negotiate our sparkling mile
And make it to the ocean depths.
Without you we are bereft.
We love you.

Best Love Poem About a Library: (No title) by Myrriah Ellis

Books, books, books
My window to the world
Borrow them, read them, treasure them
My Takaka Memorial Library
My library for life
Thank you
I love you
For ever and a

Best Love Poem About a Pet: My Valentine by Myrriah Ellis

My Valentine is black and furry
With a long tail and four paws
She sits and purrs
Leaps and stalks
Cleo Zenobia my oriental cat from Nelson SPCA
My love
My family
My Valentine

Thank you to everyone who entered our poetry competition.

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