Thrilling New YA Novel

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Local author Rachael Craw has recently released a novel described by award-winning author Isabelle Carmody as “thrilling...original...intoxicating.” 

The Rift began life as an unsettling dream.  Waking up with the sense that inspiration had arrived, Craw says she, “packed the kids off to school, sat down at my laptop and began to write.”

The Rift follows Cal, a gifted apprentice Ranger who guards against the horrors released by the Rift.  He meets Meg, who has returned home after a long absence.  A new danger appears, one that not even the Rangers are prepared for. The attraction between Meg and Cal is intensified by the threat that looms.  Can they face their darkest fears to save the Island?

Borrow a copy of this excellent read at your local library today. 

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