1000 Books Milestone

Friday 22 June 2018

Last week a milestone was reached for the 1000 Books Before School Programme.

Motueka Library staff were very excited to have their first child complete the programme.

The 1000 Books Before School programme encourages children, along with their parents and caregivers, to read (at least!) 1000 books during the 5 years between birth and starting their first year of school.

Arlo and cert

Arlo and his family came in to receive the final 1000 sticker for having 1000 books read aloud. Arlo’s family have been determined to reach this milestone before he started school this week.

A number of other children are also close to completing their 1000 books and more than 150 children have registered for the programme since it was launched at Motueka Library in November.

The 1000 Books Before School Programme is a collaboration between Tasman District Libraries and Motueka Family Service Centre and is supported by the Motueka community.


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