TDL Community Quilt Project

Tasman District Libraries would like to invite you to participate in our special community quilt project. Everyone in the Top of The South/Te Tau Ihu is welcome to participate - from first-time sewers to experienced needle workers. We invite you to contribute a stitched piece of fabric to a ‘crazy quilt’. These will be quilted together to form a patchwork of our communal experience of an extraordinary time.

We like it that the quilt project involves creating something separately, together, in the same way that lockdown was a communal effort that we all completed separately, but together.

Your contribution could be something that you felt, saw or did during Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown and can be appliqued, embroidered or stitched willy nilly however you like.

All you need to do to take part is stitch a piece of fabric with a word or image that relates to your experience of Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown, and then drop it off at Motueka, Murchison, Takaka or Richmond Library by Saturday 31 October.

When Covid-19 Levels permit, we will be holding stitching bees at Motueka, Richmond and Takaka libraries. Keep an eye out for notification of these.

DUE DATE: The due date for quilt piece contributions to the TDL Community Quilt Project is Saturday 31 October 2020. Just drop your piece off at Motueka, Murchison, Richmond or Takaka Library or post it to: Pania Walton, TDL Community Quilt Project, Richmond Library, 280 Queen Street, Private Bag 3, Richmond 7050. Don't forget to include your name and contact details, along with a few words describing why you chose your word or image.

When the quilt has been completed, it will be exhibited at various venues across The Top of The South/Te Tau Ihu, beginning with the Gallery Wall at Richmond Library for the one year anniversary of Level 4 in March 2021.

Tag your progress with #TDLQUILT on social media.

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How Do I Take Part?

1. Register         

Send an email to Pania letting her know you're taking part. She'll then add you to the TDL Community Quilt email list so you can receive updates on the progress of the Project, tips, tricks and encouragement. Once you're in touch with each other, you can also ask any niggling questions you have about the project. Register here. You just need to send a quick email saying, "I'm in!". If you don't have an email address, or don't get around to registering, that's ok! Participation is the most important thing. If you like, you could just send us your quilt piece contribution by the due date (Saturday 31 October).

2. Design Your Quilt Piece         

1 Love embroidery

3. Dimensions          

Embroidery area

This is the area you will embroider within; this will be 15 cm high and 23.7 cm wide (if using A4), or 9 cm high and 15 cm wide (if using half A4 size) with a 3 cm margin all the way around.


Include a 3cm margin on all edges of your embroidery area. This will be used to quilt the pieces of fabric together.


You can embroider your image (or word) in any direction – portrait or landscape. There is no “right way round”- just stitch wherever you like in the space within the 3cm margin. Note: the diagram below is a guide to measurements only and is not to scale.

aaa image for web

4. Materials and Tools          

We encourage you to use second hand tools and materials wherever possible. Second hands shops are a great place to find cheap supplies including needles, thread, hoops, and fabric.

 1 embroidery materials

5. Get started!         

After you have registered, designed the image or word you want to embroider, gathered your materials, and transferred your design to the fabric, you'll want to get stitching! There are many ways to go about this. Here are some options:

6. Finished!         

Wow! Thank you for taking part in the TDL Community Quilt Project! Did you enjoy it? Did you learn anything new? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Email Pania to share your experiences.

Once you have finished embroidering your piece:

Finally, we'd like to thank the wonderful people at McCahon House, in particular Australian artist Nell, who developed the Nell Anne Quilt Project. This project inspired us to develop our own TDL Community Quilt Project. You can find out more about the Nell Anne Quilt Project, here.